Mammà: l’autenticità prima di tutto

A name that takes you back to the good old days, an interior design that is very much of the present and a culinary philosophy that is always looking to the future. In 2013, Ristorante Mammà was brought to life by two truly great chefs: behind the scenes was Gennaro Esposito, 2 Michelin stars under his belt, and at the helm his old collaborator and friend Salvatore La Ragione, a one-Michelin-starred chef in his own right.

Their shared vision, which made Ristorante Mammà a star on the intentional restaurant scene almost immediately, is now being reinterpreted by Chef Raffaele Amitrano, who runs the kitchen today. Steeped in the traditions of his native Campania and raised in a family of culinary talents, Chef Amitrano soon began to put his own original and unique twist on this beloved restaurant.

Authenticity is at the heart of Chef Amitrano’s culinary philosophy, which he has honed through his experience in a variety of prominent Italian restaurants. Simplicity, seasonality and the tireless search for the highest quality ingredients form the foundation of the menu, which reimagines classic Campanian dishes with flair and distinction. Thanks also to this extreme attention to detail, his menu – an ode to the cooking traditions of the Italian “Mammà” – expresses all the warmth of Mediterranean food in a gourmet experience that is always sincere and always innovative.