Hotel luxury apartments in Rome city centre

Hotel luxury apartments in Rome city centre

Being able to take a walk to the Imperial Forums, the Palatine Hill, easily reach the Arch of Constantine without giving up the comforts of a hotel luxury apartment in Rome city centre is the ideal opportunity for the whole family or for your stay as a couple when you choose Manfredi Apartments.

The spacious Marco Aurelio Penthouse is distributed over 90 square meters of comfort and stylish design, perfect for your romantic vacation in Rome, or for a family trip, with accommodation for up to 5 guests in an apartment with a large bedroom, living room, dining area and double bathroom with glass showers.

The Marco Aurelio Suite is also located in the historic center and is an exclusive choice if you are looking for luxury apartments in central Rome. 45 square meters, contemporary and bold design, overlooking the Oppian Hill, one of the natural outdoor fitness spots preferred by Romans and site of the remains of Nero’s Domus Aurea.

Apartments in Rome near the Colosseum

If “Home is where the heart is”, as the Roman writer and philosopher Pliny the Elder said, then the Manfredi Apartments luxury apartments in Rome are ideal for those looking for a different solution: to find a home while traveling.

The Manfredi Apartments, luxury apartments in Rome near the Colosseum, combine an ideal location in the historic center of the capital, in via Marco Aurelio, with luxury, comfort and design.

The great advantage of being just steps from the Colosseum, and of enjoying one of the most prestigious archaeological parks in the world, is enhanced by the possibility of touring Rome on foot, comfortably returning to your apartment when you wish. If you are with family, it’s twice as advantageous, since you may be wondering what to do in Rome with children, trying to find satisfying but not tiring routes.

And, thanks to the unrivaled location of the luxury apartments near the Colosseum Marco Aurelio Penthouse and Marco Aurelio Suite, comfort will never leave you.

Manfredi Apartments: your vacations in Rome

Before starting your vacations in Rome, there are many questions you may have. Here are some of the most popular requests among web surfers:

  • What is the best area to stay in Rome?
  • Where to stay in Rome to get around on foot?
  • Where to stay in Rome with family?

The Manfredi Apartments have the answer to these questions and more. The strategic position in the historic center, very close to the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, makes it easy to move on foot and enjoy the historical-architectural wonders of the city by day, remaining close to the lively streets in the center for the evening.

Whether it’s a romantic weekend in Rome or a trip for the whole family, the search for where to sleep in Rome can lead you to choose a place with many benefits, thanks to the comfort and luxury of the Marco Aurelio Penthouse and the Marco Aurelio Suite, bookable directly from this page.


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