Restaurants in Capri with panoramic view

Restaurants in Capri with panoramic view

Caprese cuisine is centered on tradition and on the Mediterranean style, which enhances local raw materials such as fish, vegetables and fruits that are grown on the island.

In your romantic weekend you cannot miss a dinner in one of the restaurants in Capri with a panoramic view, where you can enjoy the dishes while you can admire the Faraglioni: the rocks that dominate the landscape of the island, on the side opposite the Gulf of Naples, which seem to delimit the borders of this natural oasis.

On the restaurant terraces you can enjoy this wonderful panorama while tasting first courses of land and sea, sipping a glass of Fiano.

The 1 Michelin star restaurants with panoramic view in Capri

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Starred restaurant in Capri, Le Monzù

In the restaurants of Capri you will find traditional recipes of Campania, revisited in a contemporary way, but always respecting the origins.

Among the most elegant and starred restaurants with panoramic views in Capri stands Le Monzù, the starred restaurant located in Punta Tragara. This location is enchanting, with its terrace overlooking the Faraglioni, located within the 5-star hotel of Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection.

The restaurant is now a must on the island, thanks to the celestial tastings of the Capri chef Luigi Lionetti, at the helm of the restaurant. His passion for cooking and for his homeland transforms the menu into a bewitching dance, between flavors and smells born on the island.


The best starred restaurants in Capri: in Le Monzù between gastronomic choices and eclectic drinks

Le Monzù is not only one of the best restaurants in Capri, but also an excellent cocktail bar. Bartender Daniele Chirico is a true talent of mixology and creates innovative creations starting from the eclectic Cocktail & Gin List.

By the pool, in front of an enchanting sunset, the barman of Le Monzù Cocktail Bar creates a drink at the table, to involve guests in every stage of preparation.

This unique setting in Punta Tragara offers more excitement than a meal or a cocktail by the pool: a romantic choice to spend a special evening, between an aperitif and a starred dinner in Capri.

Where to eat in Capri: tips for a starred dinner

A stay in Capri is a unique opportunity to spend the days between the sea, shopping and excellent food. Those who live a weekend on the island cannot miss the opportunity to try its starred cuisine.

What are the elements to consider when choosing where to eat in Capri?

The decision will undoubtedly be guided by the quality of the food and the panoramic view.

Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection is the only hotel group that can boast three starred restaurants, two of which are located in Capri. The concept that guides all the properties in the collection is “the View”, the view that reveals the Italian “Great Beauty”, such as the Faraglioni, which can be admired from the terrace of Punta Tragara, or the Gulf of Naples if you choose to dine in the Mammà restaurant, 1 Michelin star.

The charming restaurant is under the guidance of Chef Raffaele Amitrano who delights his guests with traditional dishes. Not to be missed: the «Mammà eggplant parmigiana».


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