Michelin restaurants in central Rome

Michelin restaurants in central Rome

It was the year 1900 when brothers André and Edouard Michelin published the first guide that still bears their surname. Inaugurated as an initiative to inform motorists about places to eat and stop while driving through France, the guide has become, in the space of a few decades, the reference point for gastronomic excellence worldwide.

There are many requirements to win the prestigious award, including the creativity and preparation of the chef, the quality of the service and the staff, the appearance of the dishes, the personality of the culinary proposal and the relationship with the context in which the restaurant is located.

Based on these elements, and established by anonymous inspectors during several visits, Aroma Restaurant was included among the best Michelin restaurants in Rome for fine dining and further reported among the most deserving “Tables with a view” and “The most romantic restaurants in Rome”.

Aroma Restaurant, starred restaurant overlooking the Colosseum

Located on the unrivaled rooftop of the 5-star Palazzo Manfredi Hotel, the starred Aroma Restaurant in central Rome is led by Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, who offers the best of the Mediterranean tradition, without forgetting about typical local dishes.

As reported by the guide, among the Michelin restaurants in central Rome, Aroma Restaurant knows how to stand out even outside the menu, thanks to “the enchanting roof overlooking the Eternal City” which, at the end of the meal, remains etched as “an “indelible souvenir in the memory” of the guests.

You can browse the wide range of Tasting Menus of the Aroma Restaurant, Michelin Restaurant in Rome online, with the seasonal experiences recommended by chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, between creativity, tradition, respect for raw materials, research and passion.

A great choice also for celiac diners, in compliance with a philosophy of inclusion that is typical of all the hospitality and gastronomic activities of Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection, present in Rome and on the island of Capri.

Romantic dinner in Rome: starred restaurants with breathtaking views and locations

With the same unparalleled view of the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, Manfredi Hotels collection provides excellent options for dining and drinks enthusiasts at any moment of the day in its Michelin restaurants in central Rome.

For those looking for a quick lunch, without losing the quality of service of the starred cuisine in Rome, the Aroma Restaurant becomes a bistro, with typical Roman recipes and a stunning view of the Oppian Hill, with the one-star Michelin restaurant Aroma Bistrò.

For Sunday brunch on the rooftop of Palazzo Manfredi, and for those who seek a romantic and magical night facing the Colosseum, The Court Mixology Bar‘s drink list is ideal. It stands out thanks to its experimentation, a wide selection, and the art of creating the perfect cocktail for each guest of the Manfredi Hotels starred restaurants in Rome.

Finally, for those who want to make a dream come true at a Michelin restaurant in central Rome, here are all the options for planning events and weddings in an unrivaled context.


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