Weekend in Capri: romantic escape on the island

Weekend in Capri: romantic escape on the island

From the most romantic travelers to tourists looking for fun: no one can resist the charm of Capri, the island of passions par excellence. It is also a popular destination for many VIPs from all over the world, in search of that all-Italian tranquility and landscapes that only the Gulf of Naples can offer.

Couples who choose a stay in Capri for a romantic escape on the island, away from the mainland, want to spend a weekend of relaxation. Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection boasts two of the best luxury hotels in the area.

The 5-star hotel Punta Tragara is a paradise in which to spend a truly unforgettable romantic weekend in Capri, on a promontory overlooking the sea where you can be seduced by the sound of the waves. The other sumptuous residence is Villa Castiglione, a masterpiece of beauty and hospitality.

Villa Castiglione, a romantic getaway in Capri

A masterpiece that seems one with the sea. At 250 meters above the Marina Piccola rises Villa Castiglione, the luxury residence in Capri, an exclusive and charming place that seems to have been created for a romantic getaway on the island.

A concentrate of elegance overlooking the Faraglioni, always visible thanks to the large windows that frame the location.

The villa has 5 rooms, among which the master bedroom stands out: the Master Room with private terrace. Guests can also stay in the Coral Room, the White Room, the Green Room and the smaller Single Room. 1,000 square meters of interior space, with a 200 square meter living room where you can relax in the hottest hours, but guests can also enjoy three lounges.

The villa’s staff includes a chef for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, a butler and a person dedicated exclusively to cleaning the house.

Each environment is in harmony with the landscape and gives a sense of well-being to those who stay there. Outside, the poetry of nature and design make every visitor fall in love, who can enjoy the privacy of a terrace with swimming pool, with the most beautiful panoramic view of the Faraglioni of Capri.

Romantic dinner with panoramic view

A terrace drink before the romantic dinner with panoramic view is served: welcome to Villa Castiglione, where a personal chef transforms every meal into a masterpiece.

If you prefer instead having dinner in a starred restaurant, Mammà is the location your looking for. Here, Chef Raffaele Amitrano will make you live a unique experience.

Capri’s «dolce vita» is waiting for you with its enchanting bars and the streets surrounding Piazza Umberto I all to be discovered. They’re the perfect frame for a moonlight walk, to end in the most romantic way an enchanting day in Capri.

A Luxury oasis in the island of Capri

One of the best romantic hotel in Capri is without any doubt Punta Tragara. With its luxury suites, the terraces overlooking the sea and its panoramic view, this 5-stars hotel is among the island’s most requested location.

Whether it’s a special event, a wedding or a relaxing weekend, Punta Tragara is the most exclusive destination you can choose to spend fairytale days.

Inside is located the exclusive starred restaurant in Capri Le Monzù, that proposes a path in the mediterranean cuisine thanks to the Chef Luigi Lionetti, Capri native, from years the lead of this gastronomy excellence. The menu explores and revisits tradizional dishes, however vegan and vegetarian solutions good for all guests are not missing.


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