Romantic hotel in Capri

Romantic hotel in Capri

Like the houses in the woods we used to read about in fairy tales, there is a place on the island of Capri that can only be reached on foot, along a small road that leads to the sea.

This place is the romantic hotel in Capri Punta Tragara and is located on a promontory on the southern side. It offers an exclusive view of the Faraglioni, the boulders facing the coast that every tourist cannot help but photograph.

A 5-star destination among the best in Capri, the Punta Tragara hotel hides an unparalleled elegance inside. If its exterior is sober, natural, with soft colored facades, every detail inside is an explosion of luxury.

Also for this reason it is the most coveted location for weddings in Capri, the favorite of the betrothed who come from all over the world to create a dream ceremony on the sea.

Punta Tragara, the ideal hotel for a romantic weekend in Capri

Capri is the perfect place for a romantic weekend and, why not, to exchange a promise of eternal love. Lulled by the musicality of the waves and pampered by comfort, every moment becomes an opportunity for relaxation and reconciliation in the hotel with a panoramic view in Capri Punta Tragara.

There are many lovers who have chosen the island as a location for their wedding or as a destination for a peaceful and unforgettable honeymoon.

An afternoon in the Wellness Area, a stroll through the shopping streets around Piazza Umberto I, a dinner in a starred restaurant: here is the ideal day for a romantic weekend in Capri, between quiet and pure pleasure.

Suite overlooking the Faraglioni

The luxury suites of the 5-star hotel Punta Tragara in Capri are designed by designers and architects to enhance the beauty of the structure and landscape, with plays of light and shapes that are renewed in every room.

Stained glass windows and windows offer an enchanting view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the panorama is truly unparalleled when admired from the private terraces of the rooms

In the Monacone Suite there is the iconic view reminiscent of the prow of a yacht, from which you can admire the splendor of Capri. Poetry finds its place in this suite overlooking the Faraglioni, the most photographed rocks in Italy, protagonists of TV commercials and icons of Capri’s “dolce vita”.

Luxury hotel in Capri for a romantic dinner

Without having to leave this natural paradise for even a moment, you can treat yourself to a romantic dinner in Capri, under the banner of privacy and tranquility.

Le Monzù Restaurant, 1 Michelin star, is led by Chef Luigi Lionetti, who revisits traditional Campania dishes in his menu, with his impeccable style, using only local ingredients.

Get ready to experience a dinner with a sublime flavor, accompanied by the most beautiful panorama imaginable, in an exclusive luxury hotel in Capri.

The island never fails to choose, even in terms of gastronomic goodness. A few steps from the streets of the boutiques you can find the Michelin-starred Mammà restaurant, supervised by Executive Chef Raffaele Amitrano.

His cuisine enhances the spirit of Capri and the flavors of the island, with raw materials of the highest quality supplied daily by local fishermen and farmers. The dishes are inspired by the timeless sensations of a family meal, in which you eat the freshest and most available there is.


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