Capri luxury sea view Villa rentals

Capri luxury sea view Villa rentals with swimming pool

The island of Capri, located in the Gulf of Naples, is famous for its rugged territory, exclusive locations and unbridled shopping. But above all a romantic and pleasant place to spend your luxury weekend or vacations in Capri even in the company of friends and relatives.

A place where culture and nature come together. You will be able to walk in the clean center, in the famous Piazzetta of Capri, dive into one of the most beautiful seas in the world by visiting Grotta Azzurra and the Faraglioni. But above all you will be able to discover places rich in history, such as the Giardini di Augusto or Villa San Michele.

All within walking distance of our luxury villa for rent in Capri with swimming pool and sea view.

Villa Castiglione: villa with panoramic view

Located on a cliff above the Marina Piccola, a few steps from the Piazzetta and the center of Capri, the luxury villa of Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable vacation.

Villa Castiglione stands on the ancient Greek and Roman remains, from the villas of the Emperor Tiberius surrounded by greenery to the Angevin castle, with the square turrets that still characterize the villa today. Due to its magnificent view from Monte Castiglione it has been considered one of the most beautiful and strategic places in the city.

The interior of the luxury villa enjoys a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a large interior space of 1000 square meters on two floors, the heart of the villa. To welcome guests on the ground floor, the living area of ​​200 square meters, the kitchen with veranda and the fitness area. The minimalist and contemporary design gives life to an elegant and refined space.

The luxury villa in Capri is surrounded by nature and through its large windows it illuminates the interior, overlooking one of the most beautiful views ever.

A large terrace with swimming pool and tree-lined gardens offer each guest a perfect stay between luxury and relaxation.

The luxury rooms of Villa Castiglione

The villa can accommodate 9 people: five luxury rooms in Capri with private bathroom make every night special. For this reason it was voted “European House of the Year” in 2013 by the Wall Street Journal.

A sumptuous master bedroom, Master Room, recalls the green nature in which the villa is immersed through the trendy wallpaper and shades of gray and cobalt. The room has a private living room and a direct view of the Belvedere terrace, where you can admire the magnificent sea view. The bathroom of the Master Room is comprised of a double shower and free bathtub.

In the luxury villa for rent in Capri there are also a single room and three double rooms with private bathroom and sea views, one of which also has a view of the Belvedere terrace. The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming, which enhances the Capri tradition and minimalist design.

In short, a real oasis of peace, where you can take refuge and relax in the company of loved ones.


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